Why I wont buy Wipro Furniture again!

It was end January 2007. We had almost finalized on Godrej computer chairs for the new office when the representatives from Wipro Furniture visited us. He made a presentation, very impressive. We went to the showroom – he had what we were looking for and they cost just as much as Godrej. He promised delivery of the chairs in 5 weeks which was good enough for us. Our architect liked the shape of Wipro chairs better than Godrej chairs and that was another reason we decided about going with Wipro. The Wipro Manager told us to place the order in March so that the chairs directly reach our newly constructed office which was expected to be ready by April 25th.

13 March 2007, we placed the order to Wipro and gave an advance amount. Then waited.

Around 15th April I called up Wipro to ask for the position of delivery. “It will be delivered on time, Madam” I was told. I felt reassured and waited.

20th April -“the chairs will take a few more days mam” -these things happen, so I said ok.

28th April -the chairs still not there. They will be surely delivered by 12th I am told. I get a mail from the company person

Dear Madam,

This has reference to your order for Wipro Comfort chairs.

We are very sorry for the delay from our end.

Your chairs will reach your office on 12th May. The delay is because of the heavy congestion in the Malaysian Port.

Please bear with us till that time.

Ok, I said, atleast they are committing in writing. Now it must come in by 12th May.

12th May arrived and still no chairs -phones not being answered. Finally I am told that they will take some more time – no time committment given. 25th May – my office is ready to be occupied, I called up and threatned the dealer and he agreed to send replacement chairs till the ones we ordered arrive. The replacement chairs come and they are basic chairs.

We waited for our chairs while these replacement chairs took a toll on our backs. Finally on 26th May I got an SMS from Wipro Branch Manager saying ” Dear Madam, FYI – Your chairs had been despatched yesterday. Will reach Nagpur in 3-4 days. Rgds,Branch Manager Wipro Ltd”

02 June 2007 another SMS

” Material has reached transporters godown at WADO willl bill it from our godown and send it to you Rgds, Branch Manager Wipro Ltd”

03 June 2007 I followed up for chairs I get another SMS -this time from the Dealers (V R Sales)
” Sorry madam, I couldnt pik up your cal shal give you cal within an hour. Chairs can nt be delivered today. Thank You.

More wait!!!

Finally, the chairs arrive as we eagerly waited for them to be unpacked and assembled. Two chairs rolled out – then two more and we notice they are all badly damaged. The handles were scratched, some of the seats torn, and the shaft of the chairs looked used.

Wipro sent us used and damaged chairs!! Not just that, the Wipro Branch Manager refused to admit (indirectly through dealer – he never got on phone with me) that the chairs were used and insisted that they got damaged in transport.

I refused to take delivery of these damaged and second hand chairs, and asked my advance back. The dealer VR sales on his good will gave the refund of advance amount finally.

I ended up ordering Godrej E-sense Chairs, the chairs were promply delivered within 3 weeks, are in good condition and of an excellent quality.

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    1. Chair Manufacturers

      Steelcraft Designs is a really good company for chairs . They have good class and they are known for their deliveries.

      1. People do have your kind of customers very often but I being from the furniture division can’t believe that a company of such repute will give all used chair. either the story is cooked or you do not know how a damaged furniture looks like. I TOTALLY disagree. To my experience Godrej is the reputed worst furniture manfacturers in India – Amitava Sen Gupta, Design Head, Theme Internation Ltd, Kolkata

  1. Thank you

    hello Ms.swathi, thank you for posting that information, i am senthil, studying MBA & PGPRM, i may join wipro in furniture and lighting division (haven’t yet attended interview also but hopping i will get that job). if join i ll try my best to deliver value. also we will try not to repeat next time…. if possible i ll suggest my heads for service recovery..
    all the best

  2. hi..it may happen once,but this entire story cannot happen all the time for such a prestigeous company like wipro..i can understand ur mind as a responsible person of the company..might be there were severel reasons behind this incident as it all dealings with human..so a mistake can happen once…but not all the time…

    1. Are you, by any chance, a servant of Wipro? Even if so, then also you should not praise Wipro. I have been working for 3 years with Wipro and my expereince is quite similar with Swati.

  3. Why I wont buy Wipro Furniture again!

    I think is only a matter of co incidence what has happened to you…..Probably you should give a chance again to double check on the whole incidence. A company like Wipro will not do this kind of goof up….their must be some kind of issue or unseen incidence which would have triggered this……No body is perfect….today!

  4. This is what happens when companies like wipro do indulge in non core competence areas such as furniture. we all know that wipro is known as an I.T company and they created the furniture division for catering to their internal needs.Godrej too goofs up big time..

  5. You seem to have made a wrong choice

    dear swati,
    i am Vinita Vasudevan, Asst. Manager (BD) from Synectics India Pvt. Ltd. we are a turnkey architectural and real estate consultancy firm also dealing in modular furniture. infact workstations and accessories related to the same happen to be our forte.

    its a normal tendency to go for big brands like you did…but usually they always give a bad experience. we have done double the size of order complacency within no time and your experience is really bad. i would simply like you to take a note of our company and visit our website http://www.synecticsindia.in . you can get in touch with us for any such future requirements and we would love to be at your service (pls note these are not mere words).

    vinita vasudevan

  6. Wipro Furniture is the fastest Growing Furniture Co in India

    Hi Swati,

    I have been associted with Wipro furniture for quite some time . This division of wipro is today acknowledged as the fastest growing furniture company in India.

    The company has tied up with international designers with the vision to bring in international design & benefits to Indian customers .

    Wipro Furniture has a customer centric approach for problem resolution. Its the first company in India to advocate & Practise” Customer centricty ” drive through out all its business.

    I have been tracking this blog for sometime & thought that i must write.
    Going by what you have mentioned , I truly appreciate that you had a horrible exprience, Having said that you must give Wipro an other chance & try to sort out issues .

    People like Vinita Vasudevan and others are making loose comments without knowing what they say . I also know her firm from very close & I would not like to comment anything in a public forum like this. Please let me know if we can sort out this issue . My Cell no is +91 9900664477.

  7. Hi Swati
    I am following your blog for last few months and i just want to clarify you one thing. we have ordered wipro furniture for 1000w/s and seating and the overall experience i have got from them is marvelous.Now we are going to give them a repeat order for the upcoming facility of 2000 w/s for their newly launched permium product Startline.
    I had visited their facility and it is just awesom.Their total Supply chain is planned strategically and really Wipro had proven its uniqueness in the market.They had executed these 1000ws in multilocation (85) without out any hassels.
    Their understanding of customer requirements and the way they respond to customer is really appreciable.
    Iam surprised to see a Furniture manufacturer using Sixsigma as their development tool that shows it takes very less time for companies like wipro to adapt any type of business by sharing their knowledge in diversified fields.

    As a satisfied customer of wipro furniture i suggest you to go for Wipro furniture again and you can find the difference between 2007 and 2009.

    1. I wrote about my experience with Wipro in 2007. I see no reason to buy a new set of office furniture just to see the difference 🙂

    2. dude u totally look like you been speaking words for wipro.
      The most important thing is that this happened.
      U r wipro or godrej or what ever u stand lost even if you make this mistake once.
      as they say in hindi ” wipro hoga to apne ghar mein hoga.”
      Swati faced a prob and she narrated it.. maybe thats the reason you get the “wow” service.
      Dont hate .. appreciate !! 😉

  8. Swati,
    Really sorry for your experience with Wipro. I was an ex-employee of Wipro Technologies. One thing you should have done is, Call Wipro corporate office in Bangalore, and raised your concern. Definitely things should have got sorted out better. I good/bad (I dont know to classify) about Wipro is; every sub unit; as long as it makes profit is an independent entity as long as they make profit; and the unit staff would have all freedom to do business the way they want to do; so across the organization; the texture/culture would be different except for the the dollar values they talk. 🙂
    So my advise would be not to generalize on one indecent, rather escalate fast up to the ladder till corporate;

    1. The incidence is almost three years old, I did what I could at that time including talking to the people in Bangalore. Thanks for writing.

      1. I suggest you remove this topic from your blog. As you know it will contribute to -ve WOM for the company in topic since urs is a very old experience and they must have already improved. Then they didnt even have their own facility for mfg. And sub-contractors are always difficult to handle.

  9. I was shocked to see 2 year old unused wipro furniture had powder comming out from work stations and rust on yuva web chairs morover the partations devlooped fungus
    Goa .

    1. You said it, goa is a humid place and U cannot expect things to be shiny after 2years, if U have a Mercedes check that too,more over ur job is not done after U buy it U need to maintain it well too …got it sir

  10. Wipro then and Now has a vast difference. Wipro brings Smiles to its customers by its prompt delivery and outstanding after sales service. I am sure that in case if you get a chance to have any other transactions. you can blindly believe in WIPRO. I feel no other furniture manufacturer in India Delivers value as Wipro Does.

    1. i am facing a similar issue.. i have paid advance cheque on 28 Aug with an agreed delivery of 5 weeks for few furnitures… the agent here blames that he faces tough time with WIPRO head office. i m yet to receive the goods .. really pissed off with frequent follow-ip. the agent here just do not attend the call and never bothers to update.

      whoever says WIPRO brings smile to customers should listen to themselves as we are not ready to listen to these false promises.

  11. It has been 6 years and i think Swati u have done your bit iby sharing your bad experience with the service by Wipro Furniture in 2007,It is hightime you remove this old blog…Just a request…

  12. Can’t believe this happen to you, but feel really sorry. Trust the brand but never overtrust them because they may provide you something which they hardly deserve for. Next time you plan to buy anything, try us. We make chairs ourselves in Delhi itself and provide best services wherever required, that too in time, perfect quality.

  13. Hi Swati,

    You know the best thing about your blog is that Wipro Furniture still remains to be the same company which takes its customers for a ride. There is lack of commitment and communications. Although they are working with world famous designers, its their poor customer service which kills the brand. Their dealers are the ones who feel the customer rage and somehow are saving the grace for the company. The proof of this fact is the anonymous guys who has written above in your blog giving his mobile number to you. He is one of the leading dealers for Wipro.

    I hope the company changes its attitude and starts focusing on improving its customer service.

    Head Architect
    (Of a Major Architect Firm in India)

  14. Hi, Am planning to buy modular furniture from Wipro.When i searched wipro furniture in google, noticed that you had very bad experience with wipro for chair delivery.

    Its happend mid of 2007 where wipro has just started their operation for furniture items.Now , am believe that they have changed lot and doing great.If you don’t mind can you please remove this blog as there are lot many clients going to see this news ( same like me ) .Of Course, wipro is very professional company and never repeat mistake again…

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