What else

I need advice from food experts –

Yesterday night I made the following for dinner

1) Cool cucumber starter – boiled cucumber whisked in curd, some mint, some chillies (very little) topped with crushed ice, finely chopped cucumber pieces and chopped mint
2) Soup – chicken stock, sweet corn, shreds of chicken, corn flour (to thicken the soup) garnished with green onion leaves
3)Cold chicken salad – boiled and shredded chicken with cabbage, coriander, black pepper powder, some chillies and cream
4) Dinner Rolls (bought from bakery)
5) fruit cups – mango, grapes and apple in a large bowl, poured some orange squash over it (1.5 teaspoon for every bowl) topped with fresh whipped curd.

While planning I thought this would be a perfect balanced as well as an interesting meal. However when we sat down for dinner, I felt there is something lacking. Some thing to eat the bread with perhaps (butter I did not want)

I need suggestion for
1) an alternate carbohydrates containing dish to go with the meal
2) If bread, then what to go with it .