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I should actually write Rafcalfs as Charlie would say!!

What would be  recipe for a “good cinema”. Something that entertains yet makes you think, keeps you on the edge of your seat and yet relaxes you. End result – you come out of the theater humming “Dhan ta nan’ na na na na.

A friend remarked that he found Kaminey to be very violent  – my take is, we live in violent times. However,  I prefer the violence shown in Kaminey to the dark, and extremely depressing torture shown in a film like NewYork (and even in the movie Khuda ke liye). The violence in Kaminey is a mockery whereas the ones shown in Newyork and Khuda ke liye a reality.

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One evening in the month of May

Sunset at Telenkhedi on 19th May 2009

On a hot day in the month of May this year standing by the lakeside trying to soothe myself with the slight breeze that blew over the cool, deep waters of the lake I wrote these lines:

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