Why I wont buy Wipro Furniture again!

It was end January 2007. We had almost finalized on Godrej computer chairs for the new office when the representatives from Wipro Furniture visited us. He made a presentation, very impressive. We went to the showroom – he had what we were looking for and they cost just as much as Godrej. He promised delivery of the chairs in 5 weeks which was good enough for us. Our architect liked the shape of Wipro chairs better than Godrej chairs and that was another reason we decided about going with Wipro. The Wipro Manager told us to place the order in March so that the chairs directly reach our newly constructed office which was expected to be ready by April 25th.

13 March 2007, we placed the order to Wipro and gave an advance amount. Then waited.

Around 15th April I called up Wipro to ask for the position of delivery. “It will be delivered on time, Madam” I was told. I felt reassured and waited.

20th April -“the chairs will take a few more days mam” -these things happen, so I said ok.

28th April -the chairs still not there. They will be surely delivered by 12th I am told. I get a mail from the company person

Dear Madam,

This has reference to your order for Wipro Comfort chairs.

We are very sorry for the delay from our end.

Your chairs will reach your office on 12th May. The delay is because of the heavy congestion in the Malaysian Port.

Please bear with us till that time.

Ok, I said, atleast they are committing in writing. Now it must come in by 12th May.

12th May arrived and still no chairs -phones not being answered. Finally I am told that they will take some more time – no time committment given. 25th May – my office is ready to be occupied, I called up and threatned the dealer and he agreed to send replacement chairs till the ones we ordered arrive. The replacement chairs come and they are basic chairs.

We waited for our chairs while these replacement chairs took a toll on our backs. Finally on 26th May I got an SMS from Wipro Branch Manager saying ” Dear Madam, FYI – Your chairs had been despatched yesterday. Will reach Nagpur in 3-4 days. Rgds,Branch Manager Wipro Ltd”

02 June 2007 another SMS

” Material has reached transporters godown at WADO willl bill it from our godown and send it to you Rgds, Branch Manager Wipro Ltd”

03 June 2007 I followed up for chairs I get another SMS -this time from the Dealers (V R Sales)
” Sorry madam, I couldnt pik up your cal shal give you cal within an hour. Chairs can nt be delivered today. Thank You.

More wait!!!

Finally, the chairs arrive as we eagerly waited for them to be unpacked and assembled. Two chairs rolled out – then two more and we notice they are all badly damaged. The handles were scratched, some of the seats torn, and the shaft of the chairs looked used.

Wipro sent us used and damaged chairs!! Not just that, the Wipro Branch Manager refused to admit (indirectly through dealer – he never got on phone with me) that the chairs were used and insisted that they got damaged in transport.

I refused to take delivery of these damaged and second hand chairs, and asked my advance back. The dealer VR sales on his good will gave the refund of advance amount finally.

I ended up ordering Godrej E-sense Chairs, the chairs were promply delivered within 3 weeks, are in good condition and of an excellent quality.