Aasim’s Ammu

It has been almost 8 years since we lost touch -she moved to australia got busy setting up her home and we got busy in business and Aasim’s growing up.

Have been searching for her since some time now and spoke to her today. It felt warm and nice. 

She is Aasim’s ammu. A dear friend to me. She was someone I have always looked up to. At an age we were learning and honing our social and organizational skills she was always a step ahead and guided us.  She shared my values in life, interests in literature and poetry and we sat and talked for hours at end.

It is not that we always kept in touch with each other, I went to Delhi to study, and  then to work but whenever we met, even if it was after years, we picked up the threads where we had left them.

I wish we can sit and talk again like we did in those carefree days of yonder and wonder. I wish we meet soon.

40 and more

Earlier this week, I stepped into my 40s and it does not feel any different from 30s – I guess its all a hype, which my older friends create to make me feel old 🙂

Aasim was thrilled that day because I baked pizzas for him and we had nice cherry tomoato, Parmesan and herbs pasta to go with it. DVDs dominated the 40th birthday – Tarique gave me The Lord Of The Rings – The Trilogy (12 DVD Collector’s Extended Edition Pack). It’s got Behind-the-scenes footage during filming, storyboards, test footages, CG demos and much more which i absolutely love to see, (film making was once my passion).

Mom bought for me the Gone with the Wind DVD set -Clarke Gable as Rhett Butler is as irresistible to me as he was to Scarlett O Hara.

Evening was a nice drive around the lake, followed by a simple Chinese chicken fried rice and the Filmfare awards. Couldn’t have asked for more… I am a woman of simple needs 😉