A page from my past

dawn to dusk
I wait patiently
for you
your call,
a message from you
perhaps, a letter?

dark to light
I try to dream
you beside me
your touch,
soft caress
perhaps, a kiss?

At least
your thoughts
I find always,
always close by
but still I long
for you, and
perhaps your love?

“a page from my past” Original poem dated : 20th February, 1990.

Don’t say goodbye

Atul Chitnis
Atul Chitnis.
20th Feb 1962 – 3rd June 2013

My friend,
today you are
in a better place
where pain
does not exist,
and I see you

Your body has left us
but your love,
the bond we shared
lives within me
and within
everyone you loved
so dearly.

When I look
at the rainbow
I reach you
as you watch
the sun rise
from your hidden

I talk to you
at night
when the stars shine.
The flowers
in my garden
and, yours

I will miss you
but I know
whenever I want
to talk you will
reach out to me
through the words
you’ve left behind.

My friend,
you are in my heart
while I am alive,
and you will
continue to live
in my heart
even when I cease to.


The year was 1991, early June. We wanted to feel alive, what better way than go hang-gliding? He would pick me up at 4.30 AM and we would ride on his bike to the outskirts of the city to this adventure camp where we learnt hang-gliding. Years have passed us by but every time I think of those days, I still get goose pimples – and hang gliding was just one of the things we did.



to touch the clouds
feel the deep blue sky.
and find the world beneath
and discover
the power of wings:
Your Wings!!
to tame the wild wind
feel the power
and be one!!

Remember me!

There is this thing about being,
a fragile a song that we all sing.
And then darkness comes beckoning,
for death is certain for all those living.

Here I have  a request sincere,
when you are alone you must not fear.
So even when I am gone, my dear,
just look around and you will find me near.

You’ll find me in the pages that I write,
and in the poems that I recite.
In the sunshine bright,
and in the moonbeam at night.

It is possible that once in a while,
you will miss me half way through a mile.
But you must then think of me with a smile
and my life would be worthwhile.

My love

Tarique writing to his then girlfriend
Tarique writing to his then girlfriend
Your carefree
and the joy
that adorns your face
takes away
the darkest of
my fears

The smile
that begins
as a sparkle
in your eyes
reaches your tender lips
makes me feel warm
all over
and so loved

Thank you, my love
for loving me
the way you do
I can not even
begin to imagine
my life without you.


Sunset at Ambazari lake Oct, 1991
Sunset - October, 1991

A long time ago, there was a young girl, in love with a boy who said he loved her but can not marry her for reasons not known. The girl was sad, disappointed and angry at being rejected and knew she must learn to deal with it. It was one evening in the month of October she stood on the lakeside and wrote these words…

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“It is not enough to be busy … The question is: What are we busy about?” Henry David Thoreau

Its not that I couldnt have taken out even five minutes to update on whats happening in my life, its just that i did not feel like. Being busy was a good excuse.
A lot happened during past couple of weeks but it wasnt anything out of ordinary. Not that I have anything specific to write today, its just that i have the inclination to write.
When I was 16 I would keep filling pages of my diary with any thought that came to my mind, i was an introvert and the most easy way to express myself was to write. I wrote best of my poetry at that time – as i finished college and became a “mass communication” professional – I started talking more, the need for writing to express lessened. I had willing ears to listen to me, I wrote less and less..
Today I feel i have gone back to being that 16 year old and am just writing whatever is coming to my mind – i love it this way – writing not for anybody to read -writing for myself.

I will not utter a word
still you understand
My eyes speak
and you reciprocate
Silence resonates
its the language of caring and
sharing the bond of love
Silence is not a barrier
we walk this bridge