As he turns 46 this day

In 2002, when Tarique turned 36, he wrote about counting milestones of age in decades at 6, 16, 26 and 36. So I thought on his 46th birthday  I should document the last four decades, his 6th, 16th, 26th and 36th year in pictures. The photos are not of great quality, but then this post is not about quality of photographs -it is about quality of life 🙂

Tarique Sani
Tarique Sani, 6 yrs. 1972.

At 6, his naughtiest best.

Tarique Sani
Tarique Sani, 16 yrs. 1982.

At 16. After he lost his mother, he decided to study medicine.

Tarique Sani, 26 yrs. 1992.

At 26. Photo taken at Alibag beach.

On his 26th birthday I was with him, we had finalized the plans of our marriage that day. I wish I had taken his picture that day, I did not -but he did take several of mine.

Tarique Sani, 36 yrs. 2002.

At 36. The three of us.

Tarique Sani, 46 yrs. 2012.

And today, at 46, he still is that 6 year old at heart. Happy Birthday, Love.


The year was 1991, early June. We wanted to feel alive, what better way than go hang-gliding? He would pick me up at 4.30 AM and we would ride on his bike to the outskirts of the city to this adventure camp where we learnt hang-gliding. Years have passed us by but every time I think of those days, I still get goose pimples – and hang gliding was just one of the things we did.



to touch the clouds
feel the deep blue sky.
and find the world beneath
and discover
the power of wings:
Your Wings!!
to tame the wild wind
feel the power
and be one!!