21 years

11th May, 1994, it was a Wednesday. I woke up a little early that morning, got quickly dressed in a simple green coloured cotton saree that I  had purchased for the occasion, applied a light foundation and lipstick, slipped into my sandals and I was ready for the most important event of my life. It was my wedding day. I still have the clothes that we wore though there is no way I can fit myself into that blouse and Tarique in his size 38 shirt ever again.

10 AM. I was ready, the household wasn’t. 10.30 AM, I started pacing up and down, I can’t be late, surely not today. But that was not to be. For the appointed time of 11 AM. I reached the district court at 11.45 and guess who was there pacing up and down, somewhat anxious, somewhat angry, wondering how long to wait. He would have left for my place (to check if I was ok) had he not been with his father. “Have patience, such things take time” His father had told him.

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