Jahan gham bhee na hoN aasuN bhee na hoN bas pyar hi pyar pale

Aasim was a few months old and I use to sing to him so that he could sleep. Yes back then, I could sing. He would watch me sing with this toy in his hand, and with the gentle rocking of his swing, he would fall asleep.

This was his favourite song back then.

Aa chal ke tujhe main le ke chaluN ek aise gagan ke tale
jahaN gham bhee na hoN aasuN bhee na hoN bas pyar hi pyar pale.

On his 19th birthday today, my wish for him is that his world be filled with happiness always.

Kabhi dhoop khile, kabhi chhon mile
lambi si dagar na khale
jahan gham bhee na hoon aason bhee na hon
bas pyar hi pyar pale.

Happy 19th, betu.

As he turns 46 this day

In 2002, when Tarique turned 36, he wrote about counting milestones of age in decades at 6, 16, 26 and 36. So I thought on his 46th birthday  I should document the last four decades, his 6th, 16th, 26th and 36th year in pictures. The photos are not of great quality, but then this post is not about quality of photographs -it is about quality of life 🙂

Tarique Sani
Tarique Sani, 6 yrs. 1972.

At 6, his naughtiest best.

Tarique Sani
Tarique Sani, 16 yrs. 1982.

At 16. After he lost his mother, he decided to study medicine.

Tarique Sani, 26 yrs. 1992.

At 26. Photo taken at Alibag beach.

On his 26th birthday I was with him, we had finalized the plans of our marriage that day. I wish I had taken his picture that day, I did not -but he did take several of mine.

Tarique Sani, 36 yrs. 2002.

At 36. The three of us.

Tarique Sani, 46 yrs. 2012.

And today, at 46, he still is that 6 year old at heart. Happy Birthday, Love.

Hypnotizing Maria and the rest of the world.

Richard Bach's latest

Perhaps some people will not understand it as much as some others and then there would be some who won’t get a word, but we do hope to find some with clean slates who do. We are all teachers and students alike.

What Donald Shimoda was to Richard, Jamie Forbes realizes, he is to Maria and his other advance flying students. More than 20 years back Illusions molded our mind that thinks the way it does today. Messiah? Hypnotist? What difference does it make? We are all we think ourselves to be. Continue reading Hypnotizing Maria and the rest of the world.

Searock Sheraton

September 19, 1992
Hotel Searock Shereton

Dinner at Dum Pukht Restaurant, one of the finest dinner I have ever had. I do not know if it was the magic of the evening, the company I had or the fact that just a little while back we had decided to get married to each other. I was wearing white silk saree with blue border, adorned with a sparkling necklace and a ring in my finger which he gave me and the song playing (tonight I celebrate my love for you) was perfect for the evening. We sat and talked for a long time and the next few days of togetherness just flew by. Its been 15 years and yet it still feels like yesterday.

Happy birthday love 🙂


What a whirlwind of a day. Was loaded with work today, the site meeting took much more than expected one hour and I came back and cooked Chicken Muglai. Office staff surprised me by wishing early morning and we had a lunch party. Quiet enjoyable -its been ages since I cut a cake.

Going out for dinner with Jaimesh and Family -the kids (his two and our one and only ) are excited and we are hoping to have a great time.

Nothing By Chance

Dear Swati,

I wanted to buy you a piggy bank to save money but I couldn’t get one, then I thought of a music cassette, couldn’t find an appropriate one.
Thought of Virtue of Selfishness, couldn’t find a copy. So I got this book -let me warn you, its “Nothing by chance” in this life. May be you need this book


You gave this book to me on my 23rd Birthday. On your 40th, I give it back to you. Its been a long and happy ride together, but we have an even longer ride awaiting us. Its been one hell of a ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns; lets brace ourselves for the next lap.

May be we need this book -again.