Ah!! Rains!!!

Around 6 PM today I felt it wont rain anymore and decided to go for a walk – not exercising daily was proving harmful – threatening to show at wrong places – good day to feel motivated!!!

So I changed into my jogging overalls, caught hold of hubby dear and off we went power walking. 15 minutes away from home – it started pouring. We decided to enjoy the rains and continue our walk instead of turning back and that was a good decision indeed I haven’t felt so nice in ages. The feel of raindrops on my face water soaking through the clothes and the cool breeze was indeed very very refreshing. We were the only souls outdoors and people standing in “safe places” were giving us queer looks – wonder why? We were just enjoying ourselves!!

The only nag is Tarique had mobile in his pocket and it doesn’t work anymore after being soaked completely 🙁

Thankfully, he left the palm back as it needed charging.


Just finished reading the complete script of the movie. Aasim has been asking us so many questions about the Episode II – now I will be able to answer him correctly ( he has seen several trailers of the movie on TV) I can not tell him anything that hasn’t been shown in the move – he will catch me later and question 🙁 His typical line “mom you don’t know star wars” Like hell I do – I sat and watched all the movies again with him. For him Star Wars and Lego are Dad things and not Mom things

Learning to lose

Yesterday Aasim participated in his first skating competition. Its been just about a month since he started learning. He did not secure a position but completed the race -fell a couple of times, but did not give up.
He cried and was very very upset on not winning the race but got over his disappointment very bravely when we explained that he has to work harder to excel and win – It startles us with the kind of maturity he shows up at times and the way he copes up with disappointments.

Bad Products, Advertisements and Children

Aasim got interested in “Liril Cool Mint” after seeing its TV commercial and made me buy the soap.Today morning he very excitedly took the soap for his bath and started screaming when I soaped him – the soap has so much mint that it burns on skin specially his soft baby skin. Not just that it burns on sensitive portions of adult skin too

The least manufacturers would have done is put a caution on the wrapper. One doesn’t expect such a thing from a reputed company like HLL.

Don’t buy this soap ever !!!