Reality Check

Fasting – 119
Post Meal – 230

However, the good news, Glycosylated HB A1c – 6.5%.

End result – I am not on medicine yet though the diet and exercise regime is strict. I am told to reduce weight by 10 KGs if possible. Today’s reading was 63.300. I will be happy if i can bring it down to 57 / 58.

So the new year starts on a note that will make me work towards a healthier living.

A Happy and Prosperous new year to all!

Return of the asthmatic attack

Day before y’day I was speaking with my neighbour yogeshpatel about my rarely having problems sleeping at night, and that very night I could not take a wink after 0030 hrs thanks to the “Return of the Asthamatic Attack” after almost three years. I did not have my inhaler handy, and the homeopathy SOS did not work. It was perhaps the worst of my asthama attack, I was wheezing for almost 12 hours and just could not lie down.

Today seems much better, I still have cough, itchy nose and rhinitis, but all of it seems under control.

In another news, Aasim scored extremely well in his first ASSET exam He is over 90% in the subjects he took the tests in (English, Maths and Science) which is good, however he still needs to work a lot the silly mistakes he makes.

On a high

So it has happened, I am on anti lipid drugs. After 5 years of fighting to keep my triglyceride levels in check with diet and exercises alone, my endocrinologist told me they are going over the roof now and I should be put on medication. During the annual health check up in March 06, the levels were 229 (normal is 200), a repeat lipid profile on 15th June 2006 shows that triglyceride level have happily glided up to 568 and VLDL from 46 to 113 -enough for the alarm bells to ring. I don’t like to live on medicines, but there is no escaping reality. I am glad though that I don’t have diabetes currently.

Sunday was spent lazing around watching “Antarmahal” a Bengali movie directed by Rituparna Ghosh. To repeat myself, I love the way this man handles characters and their relationship. Playing with the light and dark shades of people he makes them all so real that it gives goose pimples. Bongs indeed are sensitive and creative people.