The new gen songs

The house seems to have heart beat of its own. Aasim woke up two hours back -played with bayblade for a while and since past 30 minutes he is blasting one song (Hero from Bionicle) over and over again!!! Agree the lyrics are good but I am somehow not the type to wake up to hard rock!!!


A few days back, while returning from school, Aasim told me there was a selection for school Choir that morning- I asked him weather he got selected to which he replied in negative and said “I did not want to get selected so I sang without rhythm without tune -like reciting a poem” -the song he was asked to sing was “Do, Re, Mi…..” the teacher who took the audition was one of his (girl)friend’s mother who knows Aasim can sing if/when he wants to but this boy refused to perform!!!

In another news, there was a Lego building competition on 5th November organised by Pyramid Mega stores -the results were announced yesterday and he was adjudged as second runner up in 8-12 age group for making a space shuttle which has landed on a space station with green ground -he qualified for the age group on that very day -on 5th November he turned 8.