I hear from so many youngsters today that they are getting bored. They get bored at home, they get bored in their new jobs, they get bored in their old jobs. They get bored. Period.

I was told by one of my professors, you never get bored if you have a craving to learn and grow. Over the years, I realised it too. There are people who blame others for their boredom, specially youngsters. They should realise if they are getting bored, the fault is not with their surroundings, the fault is within themselves.

If they feel sleepy while reading, its their own brain that shuts up to learning and wishes to sleep. Perhaps it is because they are young and think they have a lot of time, they waste it getting bored. A few years later, they will realise the folly of it all.

Of telling people to leave

Another first for SANIsoft – an employee was fired yesterday!! Feels bad, but I can not live with compromises – I will not tolerate anyone going against the ethics on which my organisation stands, and top it up with insubordination. People at SANIsoft are my family, and I will let no harm come to my family.