A simple Quiz

All these one liners belong to one movie. Which one?

* Shaant gadadhari Bheem shaant.

* Nahi, Draupadi jaisi Sati nari ko dekhkar maine cheer haran ka idea drop kar diya hai. Jai ho, aisi Sati nari ki jai ho.

* Yeh sab kya ho raha hai?

* Bhaiya, yeh aap keh rahein hai? (drastic change of tone) Abbe sale, kehde cheer harne ko.

* Draupadi tere akele ki nahi hai. Hum sab shareholder hain.

* Magar bade bhai ke vachchan ki aagya ka palan karna hi padega
Abbe natak main aisa likha hai.
Palan to humne kabhi apne baap ki aagya ka nahi kiya. Tu cheez kya hai?

* Dhanush tod diya. Teen rupaye ka nuksaan kar diya. Main nahi karta natak watak. Bhaad mein jao tum sab.

* Nalayak, adharmi, durachari, vamachari, bhrasthachari, bol sorry! Apne sasur ko nahi pehchante? Main hoon Draupadi ka baap, Dhrupad.

* This is too much. Yeh Akbar kahan se aa gaya?



Tahzeeb – Touching movie. Beautifully carved out characters, terse direction and good cuts. I always read reviews by Khalid Mohammad with a lot of interest, they always made wonder, how can this man be so critical – he had the knack of tearing a movie into bits. I now know how and why. The eye for details he has is rarely seen in directors. His choice of words, moments, people, songs, music -everything is just perfect. I love the man!!!

MBMBBS and more

Munna Bhai MBBSis hilarious…. good clean comedy to be watched without thinking too much about fact and fiction – give the director some creative liberty yaar…

Weekend mood started yesterday by watching the above mentioned movie. Just returned from the national book fair. Picked up some interesting books – Umrao Jaan Ada by Mirza Mohd Haadi Ruswa (we already have Khushwant Sing’s translation of the book but I like reading originals if i can get them)

More books – poetry collection of Bahadur Shah Zafar, Sahir Ludianvi and a couple of books on learning urdu script. My evenings for the next few weeks are made 😀

The year ahead

2004 – An year with new people at home and at office – an year with new hopes, new aspirations an year without any resolutions written down.

The year ahead looks like one with lots of surprises in store I don’t know how I will deal with the Topsy-turvy rides but I am sure I will and that I will survive.

P.S : I was’t wrong… but we survived. Thanks Sweetheart