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  • Chicken Masala in pressure cooker

    Chicken Curry in a Pressure Pan

    Chicken curry in a Pressure Pan – a perfect weekend main course. Chicken curry in a pressure cooker is a recipe that is wholesome chicken recipe with flavours ...

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  • Scrambled Eggs with Sausages

    Scrambled eggs with sausages

    Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a light dinner Weekend mornings are lazy and this recipe for scrambled eggs with sausages makes for a perfect lazy mid mornings brunch. ...

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  • Colourful Chicken Stew

    Colourful chicken stew

    Colourful Chicken Stew: A Simple and healthy weekday meal For most of us weekdays are packed so fixing a meal that is different and healthy as well as ...

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  • Chana Chaat

    Chana Chaat

    A Low-calorie evening snack A popular road- side snack chana chaat,  is a diabetic friendly recipe. While it can be made with dried white chickpeas (Kabuli chana), you can also  make ...

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