Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन

At 18,  I was a shy girl. Extremely introvert, I was petrified of public speaking . It was she who insisted I go on the stage and give “Vote of Thanks” in one of the Rotract club event.  “Not doing it is not an option” she admonished. That was the beginning and Sangita has been my friend and mentor ever since. Continue reading Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन

Aasim’s first trip by train.

Aasim returned form Hyderabad today where he had gone as a part of a study/fun tour from School.

We were very apprehensive about his going by train that too sleeper class and as it turned out i discovered that he was not the only one who has not travelled in sleeper class. There were several parents who had the same apprehension and kids were asking questions like why do we have to take sleeping bags? They give sheets and blankets in train don’t they?

They reached hyderabad on 16th early morning without too much problems, only one boy lost his bag in train and children complained that they could not sleep in the night because sleeper coaches make too much noise.

The stay was arranged at Hotel Tara in Ramoji film city. Hyderabad/Secunderabad was fun for all of them. Aasim got extremely enamored by “Rebbecca” and called me to ask if its a veil on the lady or is it really carved!! He hated the animals trapped in cages in the Zoo though he enjoyed watching migratory birds and loved the snow world. He packed his suitcase properly and got back everything that he had taken for which he gets a +1

As parents we were apprehensive all the days while he was gone and missed him but we pulled through. He has come back a little more grown up and ls looking forward to another such trip.

Question my 10 year old asked!

Yesterday night.
“Mumma, can i ask you a question? it is very personal and silly for a man to ask but… ”
“How does it feel to have breasts?” “I mean, do they feel heavy or something”
“it does not feel strange, they are a part of a woman’s body. Do you feel strange to have hands? or heavy”
“its the same with breasts”