Aasims mega Christmas and New Year gift was delivered today. He is thrilled to say the least. It was exactly an year ago we saw Ispace at Kemp Fort, Bangalore and wanted it for him. Finally found it Nagpur and bought it for him this Christmas.

The exterior painting will hopefully get over by day after and I will have some respite. Will start rearranging the house after the work is done.

Knowing new friends is fun specially if you kind of knew them earlier 😉

Updated Finally!!!

My cooking is still as good – made Chicken Coriander Korma and proved it this Sunday 🙂 makes me feel a lot better – Aasim as usual announced that the chicken was no 1 (his way of saying its the best)

Indian Railways online ticket booking system rocks!! The country is indeed improving or at-least so it seems.

More repair work at home, more asthma bouts more sneezes… . well.. I better learn to live with these things.

Aasim and have made their minds about getting a dog after the fence is done – they better make their minds about handling the responsibilities of the dog as well

Last week I discovered the Fixed Deposit interest rates have come down to 6% PA – I remember the days when it use to be around 18% PA and that was just 5 years back – economy looking up-wards!!!