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Back from Delhi having escaped the bombs by a few hours difference. I was happily roaming around 3.30 in Pahadganj area and returned home by 5 on 29th. 2nd time lucky having escaped the bombs planted around the town.
On 12th March 1993, I was going to receive Tarique at Dadar station when Bombay rocked with 13 explosions around the town. I was somwehere between Narmian point (IA Building and Worli) and had no idea as to what has happened till we reached the hotel.

Came back yesterday totally tired and unwell. Opened my inbox this morning to find this

Hello sir,

I have read the program of your MCSE 2003 and i am already MCP and now i am wanted to doing the MCSE pleas tell me how i can doing it and what is its Fess and how many month i can doing it.

My name is Shahid Amin Microsoft ceritifed professional

Whats the good word?

From Wordsmith

Chirography (ky-ROG-ruh-fee) noun

Back in the Jurassic era, when there were no laptops and no text-messaging,
people used a little thing called a pen to write on a flat surface known
as paper. Chirography is a word from those times. It means handwriting or
penmanship, also known as calligraphy.

My daughter says, “Why didn’t they just download new fonts to their pens?”
Well, we did once have fountain pens.