Simple joys of life

In our day to day, noisy, hyperactive and high frequency world there is little time left to just sit back and experience the simple joys of life; rejoice in the simple fact that we exist. We so often forget how it is like to take a stroll, with an old pal, on green hills and watch the leaves drenched in rain and flowers being kissed gently by dewdrops.

We get so comfortable in the race of life that we strangle our emotions even before they get a chance to be expressed. We forget to delve into the realms of our dreams and fantasies, stop listening to the music of streams, chirping of birds and forget that there is a song to be heard, a tune to be hummed and a beautiful verse to be read.

We forget how rewarding the company of a trusted old friend can be. The freedom to talk and not be misunderstood or misjudged. The careless laughter and endless banter that once came so effortlessly takes time now.

It takes forty and a few more years. Yes, it takes those many years to realize how we can un-complicate our lives and experience the simple joys.  At least for me it did take those many years get out of a grey world and watch the rainbow go over the hill and dunk in the stream beyond.Photo by Dana C. Voss