How not to get called for an interview

Take a stock resume + cover letter – send it unedited. This is what I received today -absolutely as it is


I am a MCA. I will be much pleased (include the core of Cover Letter here). Here by I do attach a copy of my resume for your kind reference.

Core part of a Cover Letter.

· To work in a globally competitive environment on challenging assignments that shall yield the twin benefits of the job satisfaction and a steady-paced professional growth.

· To work efficiently and effectively as well as grow with a prestigious organization in field of production, maintenance, and designing. So as to achieve self realization and accomplishment of organizational goals.

· Seeking a challenging and satisfying career in Web Application Development environment.

· To work in a creative and challenging environment using cutting edge technologies where i could constantly learn and successfully deliver solutions to problems.

· To develop my career as a Software Engineer where I will be a valuable team member, contributing quality ideas and work for an organization where there is an ample scope for individual as well as organization growth in Software Design and Development.

· To be an excellent software professional and move into higher technology areas which provide an environment to improve my technical and analytical abilities.

· To be in a position in a result oriented company that seeks an ambitious and career conscious person where acquired skills and education will be

The letter was not signed, a resume was attached and sent. The girl had above average marks, so I presume she is not dumb but what made her think that a company would even consider her as a probable candidate -specially when there are several 100 resumes that compete with her.

Recruitments and Entertainment

“I would be kind enough to you, if you please send me the details to get posted in your prestigious  company.”

This came in my mail today, what makes it more entertaining is that it is not from a fresher, but from an experienced programmer. We are recruiting and the ad that went out asked for programmers with one year plus PHP experience.