A page from my past

dawn to dusk
I wait patiently
for you
your call,
a message from you
perhaps, a letter?

dark to light
I try to dream
you beside me
your touch,
soft caress
perhaps, a kiss?

At least
your thoughts
I find always,
always close by
but still I long
for you, and
perhaps your love?

“a page from my past” Original poem dated : 20th February, 1990.

Of memories and moments

She had met him that evening, and chatted for hours that just did not seem long enough. They dug out memories, laughed at silly and goofy things they did and those that they could but did not. Amused at the flush of youth that engulfed them, they became teenagers once again.

She caught herself unawares that night, thinking of the time long past… a time when no care in the world existed, nor mattered except the matters of the heart. The time when she fell in love for the first time. The time when she was touched tenderly, kissed for the very first time, and caressed lovingly. The moments that were frozen in time.

And then she looked by her side, towards the love of her life, her best friend, her lover and her biggest strength. Somehow things did not feel out-of-place.. the moments then and the moments now kind of existed in congruence. Both men were by her side at different times and both made her more beautiful, made her the woman she was, and she is. She silently thanked both of them for being the people they are. One a dear friend, and another her soul mate.

Remember me!

There is this thing about being,
a fragile a song that we all sing.
And then darkness comes beckoning,
for death is certain for all those living.

Here I have  a request sincere,
when you are alone you must not fear.
So even when I am gone, my dear,
just look around and you will find me near.

You’ll find me in the pages that I write,
and in the poems that I recite.
In the sunshine bright,
and in the moonbeam at night.

It is possible that once in a while,
you will miss me half way through a mile.
But you must then think of me with a smile
and my life would be worthwhile.

Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन

At 18,  I was a shy girl. Extremely introvert, I was petrified of public speaking . It was she who insisted I go on the stage and give “Vote of Thanks” in one of the Rotract club event.  “Not doing it is not an option” she admonished. That was the beginning and Sangita has been my friend and mentor ever since. Continue reading Sangita – आज फिर शुरू हुआ जीवन

खुश-किस्मत लोग

वो लोग बहुत खुशकिस्मत थे
जो इश्क़ को काम समझते थे
या काम से आशिकी करते थे

हम जीते जी मसरूफ रहे
कुछ इश्क़ किया, कुछ काम किया
काम इश्क के आड़े आता रहा
और इश्क से काम उलझता रहा
फिर आखिर तंग कर हमने
दोनों को अधूरा छोड दिया

                     — फैज़ अहमद फैज़

Reality Check

Fasting – 119
Post Meal – 230

However, the good news, Glycosylated HB A1c – 6.5%.

End result – I am not on medicine yet though the diet and exercise regime is strict. I am told to reduce weight by 10 KGs if possible. Today’s reading was 63.300. I will be happy if i can bring it down to 57 / 58.

So the new year starts on a note that will make me work towards a healthier living.

A Happy and Prosperous new year to all!

Question my 10 year old asked!

Yesterday night.
“Mumma, can i ask you a question? it is very personal and silly for a man to ask but… ”
“How does it feel to have breasts?” “I mean, do they feel heavy or something”
“it does not feel strange, they are a part of a woman’s body. Do you feel strange to have hands? or heavy”
“its the same with breasts”

Nothing By Chance

Dear Swati,

I wanted to buy you a piggy bank to save money but I couldn’t get one, then I thought of a music cassette, couldn’t find an appropriate one.
Thought of Virtue of Selfishness, couldn’t find a copy. So I got this book -let me warn you, its “Nothing by chance” in this life. May be you need this book


You gave this book to me on my 23rd Birthday. On your 40th, I give it back to you. Its been a long and happy ride together, but we have an even longer ride awaiting us. Its been one hell of a ride, full of ups and downs, twists and turns; lets brace ourselves for the next lap.

May be we need this book -again.