Recipie for two – a perfect lazy Sunday – and its spoilers

Wake up, stay awake for a while then cuddle and sleep – wake up late
Hot coffee with newspaper -spend an hour reading
Roam around in the garden, take some pictures, talk to birds and squirrels
Have a nice breakfast (fried sausages, eggs and bread)
Aasim Wakes up – has his milk and watches TV
Work around the house a bit/work on computer
Settle down to watch an old Hindi classic
After one CD laze around some more – go for bath
A friend pop’s in
She is in a lousy mood
She makes you feel lousy too
Friend departs
Keep telling yourself – think positive – don’t get upset over others behaviour
Feel better
Start the second CD
Doze off before climax
Wake up
Another friend calls up
you realise you have been taken for a ride over something (trivial for him – it matters to you)
You try to reach him
he is unavailable
go for shopping and dinner outside
return after shopping
have nice and simple home made food
Aasim sleeps early
Watch TV -there is nothing good on it except Mask of Zorro -that too dubbed in Hindi
Read/watch FTV
try to sleep
try to sleep
try to sleep
its past midnight
fall asleep

Only the ones who have raised a Calvin will understand this

I was neck deep in work, aasim comes near me and says something (I could not understand it – his mouth was full)
I asked him again without looking at him -what’s it?
Aasim “oi homp ap pommnn imm mmm mooummt”
I “what?”
Aasim “oi homp ap pommnn imm mmm mooummt”

Then I understood – “I have a pond in my mouth” he was trying to say – with a mouth full of saliva!!!!