Halka sa ek nasha sa…

Weekend came and weekend went… I hardly noticed. The biggest crib is not getting a good house maid. Currently I have employed three women but still there are days when none of them turn up… bad state of affairs.

Saw Sur on sunday night. An excellent movie -a must see!!

Joined VLCC today. They say they gurantee 3-4 inches of fat loss on tummy … and I am desperate enough to try!!

Ghazal of the week

Halka sa ik nasha sa Aakhon pe chhaa raha hai
dekha tumhe to yeh di kuch gunguna raha hai

Jage huaye hai dekho ehsaas aaj mere
doori mita ke aao tum paas aaj mere

mausam jawan jawan sa arman jaga raha hai
dekha tumhe to yeh dil kuch gunguna raha hai

chaya hua hai harsoo kaisa ajab sa jadoo
aise mein kya rahegaein dhadkano pe kaaboo

aawaj de ke tumko yeh dil bula raha hai
dekha tumhe to yeh dil kuch gunguna raha hai

Woes of a working woman

I thought work will ease out a bit today from today, got myself an assistant but that was not to be, the cook and maid ditched.
Aasim went today dressed as a Traffic Policeman for his school’s founders day celebration. All the kids performed well during rehearsals but NO ONE spoke when the school’s founder asked them what they are dressed as.. well, kids cant be forced by anyone. Teachers had a tough time.
Weekend was good.Husband and kid both were relaxed and so was I Saw a couple of movies. Loved Entrapment – loved Sean Connery.


After several years again got in touch with two of my hostel friends a few days back. Nandini was pretty mad at me for not keeping her informed about my new phone nos.. but then, i did not have hers as well… not my fault entirely. Roopa has shifted to Shanghai Wonder where Joba is. She was never the letter writing kinds so I just hope whereever she is she is in great shape and enjoying herself. Here’s how the conversation about her goes whenever we talk about her

swati: Joba is in the US. Mandavi last I knew was in hyderabad
Roopa: where in the u.s. i’m going there in december
swati: wait a sec.. let me see old emails
swati: 🙁 her last mail to me dated 20th february 2001 does not say where she is
swati: she has a daughter called Nina
Roopa: too bad then
Roopa: all right, joba had sex!! yay, whee!!

Ah! hope we all meet up with Joba somewhere – it’ll be great fun to reminescence the hostel days and pull her leg 😉