Of watching movies over weekend

Our weekend actually began on Thursday with watching Pakeezah – a beautiful redention of prose, poetry and dance to portray love. The film is a timeless classic

Followed by Devdas (starring Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai) on Friday. The direction, acting choreography and Music Direction is good but the lyrics lack depth. They fall flat on ears- Complete disappointment. The lyrics are supposed to bring tears to your eyes – they fail miserably.

Later in the night we saw The blue Lagoon. It was after a long long time we sat together holding hands, watching this beautifully made film.

KDE 3 Rocks!!

Just upgraded my machine to RH 7.3. It was an absolutely painless upgrade, my settings and preferences were untouched – I love it

Most of all I loved the looks and crisper feel of KDE 3. I remember talking to Sirtaj in Atul’s office during Linux Bangalore/2001 about this and he said – just wait and watch – Thanks Sirtaj 🙂 KDE 3.0.2 was released on 2nd july and KDE 3.1 alpha is out – More usability enhancements in the pipeline – I love it – I love it!! Had it not been bandwidth consideration, i would have loved to beta test this product as a power user… well.. ce st la vie sigh!!

Only one complaint my XMMS did not start from my taskbar icon nor was it in the menu list I had to run it from term… minor trouble no complaints… …

Hindi titles to english movies- funny

Great News!!! The sleep just vanished when I discovered

Sholay at Rs.99/- on planet M – Sholay the “Kitne Aadmi thae?” movie

ALso Tom and Jerry for Rs.99/- Rush Rush, book your copy now!!

And a funny item on planetm “mera cheese kisne hataya?” Hindi translation of “Who moved my cheese” -people sure know how to make money you see movie posters like “futball shutball… …” for bend it like beckham and “hamshaklon ka hamla” for Attack of the clones- Go more towards MP and UP and you will find funnier things..

One day I will show you, mom!!

Whoa!! what a day!!! and I thought today I will be able to rest a while in the day…

I told Aasim, “you got to skate a little faster, Son” and he replies, “One day I will show you mom” – I like the attitude, quite like mine 😉

Visit to CA in the morning was fruitful. ULIP money has still not come in. Unit Trust of India is not to be trusted… .. every investor I have spoken to is skeptical about this company and every investor had bought a few of Unit 64’s. This is what keeps me from investing in long term LIC plans for aasim as well Who knows what will happen 20 years from now…


movie I definetly want to watch. I read Saratbabu’s Devdas when I was a teenager
– read a hindi translation of the novel and  wished I could read bengali.

I am an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai so watching these
two perform on the script which moved me immensely as a teenager would be
a definite treat!!
The only hitch is I havent been to a movie theater
in past 8 years and I wonder if I can sit at one place for three hours and
come out without a headache

One hr to install linux, 12 to install windows.

A lot of things happened since i last updated my journal. Most important being I got in touch with an old friend (my uncle actually who was one of my closest friends when I was growing up) after almost 10 years!! Love you Ashu mama hope to meet soon.

My home machine got its due finally -Thanks to an hour of linux install and 12 hours of windows install on the other partition and VM ware (Tarique was tearing his hair by the end of it) The machine now is dual booting with VM ware and Cross Over Office up and running. Finally the Linux desktop is usable I can depend on it to run my must use M$ products (thats the funniest part CXO calls it fake_windows 🙂 so its good bye M$ Windows for good.
The question some of you may ask is then why the windows partition at all (Like Atul asked me the other day – why bother?) – well, bother I have to because Aasim plays his CD’s on the same machine and Reader Rabbit Series and Jump Start Series dont run on Linux

Ah!!! bliss!!!

Life suddenly is so organised – it seems strange to sleep at sane hours and wake up early, to have a decent maid to take care of things that bogged me down earlier, to devote more time to work and to go for walks without worrying about another late night to complete pending work…
I hope the state of things last… most of all I hope that this time the maid lasts she better I am paying her a big packet.