Rama the jap production

Today morning, while driving down I noticed the expressways in Thailand are named after Rama. I thought of educating my son, and told him the story of Ramayana is known and played in Thailand fine art theaters as well. His pat reply was ” I know, the film has got released in Thailand too”

He was referring to the Animated Japanese production of Ramayana currently being aired on the cartoon network in India

Food for coding

Whoa!! finally got some time to update the journal.

What seemed the toughest job after we arrived here was easy – to find Vegetarian Indian food for our programmers – I had googled before arriving at bangkok and shortlisted some indian restaurants what I wasn’t sure was how far they are from the office. So after reaching here with the help of people here, I reached Sukhumvit and located Komala – The best part is they serve Vegetarian Indian cuisine and even home deliver for free for an area of 20kms. For us they are charging more – but things seem to be finally settled now.

A super market nearby for milk and breakfast items, Lunch Dinner taken care of, I expect everyone to work at full force and finish the project successfully.

Aasim was ill when we started from Nagpur – he seems to be ok now. He is freaking out on the variety of meat available – refuses to eat bread or rice.. He is also loving the play area at various shopping malls and McDonald’s.

I shopped a little yesterday and today Shampoos, Clothes, Cosmetics all good quality and nearly 50% cheaper than what we get in India… I intend to shop to my hearts content which is a tough job 😉