Don’t say goodbye

Atul Chitnis
Atul Chitnis.
20th Feb 1962 – 3rd June 2013

My friend,
today you are
in a better place
where pain
does not exist,
and I see you

Your body has left us
but your love,
the bond we shared
lives within me
and within
everyone you loved
so dearly.

When I look
at the rainbow
I reach you
as you watch
the sun rise
from your hidden

I talk to you
at night
when the stars shine.
The flowers
in my garden
and, yours

I will miss you
but I know
whenever I want
to talk you will
reach out to me
through the words
you’ve left behind.

My friend,
you are in my heart
while I am alive,
and you will
continue to live
in my heart
even when I cease to.

Friends forever

A Friend forever - Alpana
A Friend forever - Alpana

I have not heard from her since ages, last time I called her she was busy shifting back to India from another country and we could hardly talk.

Cute and petite, she was the life of our group. Her anecdotes with smatterings of “uno bola, to fir main boli” in typical Hyderabadi style kept the conversation alive. We called h er “Hauli” a slang for cutely silly. She loved the road side chinese and I would very often gatecrash  on her road side dining dates which she went with her “Quack”. Her boyfriend “Quack” was a friend of mine studying to be a doctor.  I still don’t know if I was an intrusion, but I was close enough to both of them to be allowed to do that. Continue reading Friends forever

Aasim’s Ammu

It has been almost 8 years since we lost touch -she moved to australia got busy setting up her home and we got busy in business and Aasim’s growing up.

Have been searching for her since some time now and spoke to her today. It felt warm and nice. 

She is Aasim’s ammu. A dear friend to me. She was someone I have always looked up to. At an age we were learning and honing our social and organizational skills she was always a step ahead and guided us.  She shared my values in life, interests in literature and poetry and we sat and talked for hours at end.

It is not that we always kept in touch with each other, I went to Delhi to study, and  then to work but whenever we met, even if it was after years, we picked up the threads where we had left them.

I wish we can sit and talk again like we did in those carefree days of yonder and wonder. I wish we meet soon.