Employees and employers

The cook sent a message that she wants to quit – after remaining absent without any notice for four days -at a time when i was supposed to have guests at home.

Her reason: she feels guilty of not being able to work properly when I am so “nice” -bah so I am nice and I suffer… … some reasoning.

She was supposed to come today because she changed her mind and wanted to work again, but did not turn up -what am I supposed to do? Plead with her?

She was a good worker, a student of 12th Std and I was helping her out in her studies as much as I could monetarily as well as in her English lessons. The only thing I expected from her was to let me know that she wanted leave – at least a phone call….

I am at a loss…. is it good for oneself to be good to others?

Simply poetic!!!

Chandni se dhuli si raat mein
ek khushbu se hai har baat mein

hain sitare mere kadmo ke tale
haath hai aaj unke haath mein

paas aake bhee kyon hain doorian
koi pyasa hai kyon barsaat mein

dil ki naadanion se tang hoon
baat sunta nahi jazbaat mein

ishq aur ye zamane ki bandishe
dakhiye kya ho in haalat mein

The poetry is breathtaking, the voice enchanting I wish I could pen my thoughts down is similar manner I feel so inadequate in expressing myself when I read such pieces of poetry.

Bought “Shairana” an album with poetry of Javed Akhtar sung by various singer and Chandni si is the first song.

Fedora core 1

So finally i straightened out my system – actually got it straightend out – hubby spent the entire sunday doing it while i lazed around in sun.

Fedora Core 1 is what I have on my box – from RH7.3 to FC1 what a leap!!!! I run what no other person in the office runs gives me a kick or what 😉

While i have most of the things i need, small packages like logjam are yet not available – and I only want RPMs-I am not a geek and I hate compiling packages (Some geeks I know hate it too so no big deal)

mmk, please let me know if you can get YM running without any problems – else YM looses out 😉 gaim is pretty OK – minus some features but pretty ok still. Hmm… guess will write to the list

In another news, after ages i am hit with a proper type Viral infection -no allergies this time pure unadulterated viral with stuffed nose, body ache, fever and the works – should I be happy that its not the allergies and go about my work or should I be grumpy and just suffer?

Pain in the neck!!

Slept on one side, and woke up with a stiff neck in the middle of the night.

Came back from Linux-Bangalore/2003 earlier this week only to find loads of bills, emails, bank statements waiting for me….

And yes, we did not visit Talakadu Jaladhama – may be next time.

Aasim will be participating in Christamas School play and I have ended up helping out his teacher in writing script, choosing costumes, and even taking practices – School wanted it to be parent-teacher joint excersise and it seems I am the only enthusiastic parent around – but no regrets -I enjoy working with children. Infact me thinks I will take up teaching post retiremtent.

In another news, I intend to *finally* shift to FC1 this weekend. Hoping and praying things go ok and my machine is up and about on Monday. Sitting and staring at monitor screen is necessary for my survival.