Brindabani Sarang

Rag Sarang or vrindavani (Brindabani) Sarang is also the sweetest of all Sarangs. Since I am in the process of learning this rag (instrumental – on sitar), through out my waking hours, it keeps playing inside my mind, I have not learnt many ragas (Started learning about an year and half ago) but Des and Brindabani sarang are going in “my favourite” bunch I am sure.

Brindabani Sarang, as the name suggests, originated in Mathura region and is the flagship rag of the Sarang family. It is an early afternoon raga of rainy season and today, when I sat for my class, the time and weather was perfect.

बोल कि थोड़ा वक्त बहुत है

बोल, कि लब आज़ाद हैं तेरे
बोल, ज़बां अब तक तेरी है
तेरा सुतवां जिस्म है तेरा
बोल, कि जाँ अब तक तेरी है
देख कि आहन-गर की दुकां में
तुन्द हैं शोले, सुर्ख हैं आहन
खुलने लगे कुफ्लों के दहाने
फैला हर इक ज़ंजीर का दामन
बोल, कि थोड़ा वक्त बहुत है
ज़िस्मों ज़ुबां की मौत से पहले
बोल, कि सच ज़िन्दा है अब तक
बोल, जो कुछ कहना है कह ले 

_ फैज़ अहमद फैज़

Speak up, while your lips (thoughts) are (still) free
speak up, (while) your tongue is still yours
Speak, for your strong body is your own
speak, (while) your soul is still yours
Look at blacksmiths shop
hot flames makes the iron red hot
opening the (jaws of) locks
every chain opens up and begins to break
speak for this brief time is long enough
before yours body and words die
speak, for the truth still prevails
speak up, say what you must.

Such strong and powerful urdu words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translating them into English does not bring out the power the verse contains.