Of memories and moments

She had met him that evening, and chatted for hours that just did not seem long enough. They dug out memories, laughed at silly and goofy things they did and those that they could but did not. Amused at the flush of youth that engulfed them, they became teenagers once again.

She caught herself unawares that night, thinking of the time long past… a time when no care in the world existed, nor mattered except the matters of the heart. The time when she fell in love for the first time. The time when she was touched tenderly, kissed for the very first time, and caressed lovingly. The moments that were frozen in time.

And then she looked by her side, towards the love of her life, her best friend, her lover and her biggest strength. Somehow things did not feel out-of-place.. the moments then and the moments now kind of existed in congruence. Both men were by her side at different times and both made her more beautiful, made her the woman she was, and she is. She silently thanked both of them for being the people they are. One a dear friend, and another her soul mate.


All dressed up

Since I turned 40 in 2008, I had decided to do one new thing each year – something new that I had not done in past 39 years of my life. I could mostly keep that promise to myself and have perhaps done more in past 6 years than I did in last two decades.  I parasailed, achieved a life long dream of publishing Ammi’s works online, had a fling with English Theatre which i intend to continue and went to Serengeti ,   Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro which was an amazing experience.

I never decide when the year starts as to what new thing I’d do during the year, but this year things fell in place and I learnt  Urdu script which enhanced my understanding of the language many folds. Am glad I took out time, struggled, but learnt the script, this learning though, will be an ongoing process.

The year is going to be challenging; with Aasim leaving the town for higher studies, but I am looking forward to him going out and exploring the world.  He will finally get the wings that he so deserves.

Woke up to delicious cupcakes baked by Tarique for me.

Woke up on my 46th birthday to delicious cupcakes that Tarique baked for me. Thank you sweetheart. I love it when you make things for me <3 The day was spent lazing around, with no specific agenda except to eat good food and we did do that – Pari treated us to lovely liver Pâté, and Bianca to awesome cookies when we went to pick up the Parsi dinner of Dhansak and Kebabs.

And  yes, I did dress up for the evening