Free As in Freedom of Expression!!

This isn’t the first time its happening, unfortunately and wont be the last either. As long as the moral brigade keeps getting their fodder from politicians, they will continue to rape in daylight and get away with it. The only ones to stop it is us -most of us who prefer to look away because “it has not happened to us” or because “O! its there far away in Gujarat, not in central, or east or north or south India” WAKE UP!!

We all read newspapers, form opinions, sometime discuss it with friends and family, and forget about it -however, slowly things seem to be changing. With Internet, people and artists blogging about such things, writing their personal opinions and some day, I am hopeful, it will wake up enough people to make a difference.

Creative writing by Aasim

Here’s what he wrote yesterday

“My tooth is breaking. It pains very much when your tooth breaks. Its like being pregnant for a few days.
Till now eight teeth of mine have broken. The first two were taken out by the dentist The dentist recommends you to have ice cream after he or she has a tooth taken out”