मेरा नया बचपन

This one is for Maneesh, my oldest friend who is right now 5000 Kms. away from his family and daughters, and is missing them.

Posting this on my blog instead of sending it to him on email (as he had asked me to) because I love this poem as much as he does, and because we shared a part of our childhood from nursery to class III.  I would eat the hot dal and rice from his tiffin which his mom would bring every afternoon and then fight with him during the rest of the break because he would pay more attention to our other classmate, Aparna.

बार-बार आती है मुझको मधुर याद बचपन तेरी।
गया ले गया तू जीवन की सबसे मस्त खुशी मेरी॥

चिंता-रहित खेलना-खाना वह फिरना निर्भय स्वच्छंद।
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