CakeFest, A CakePHP programming conference.

SANIsoft is proud to be a sponsor for CakeFest . A CakePHP programming conference, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina from December 2 -5, 2008.

Conferences are the forefronts of modern communications, more so when they are related to the FOSS world. Conferences and Open Source Fests are platforms where the developers meet, discuss, share and carry their work forward. However, organizing conferences and fests do not come easy. They require a lot of planning and grunt work.

So when an opportunity comes by wherein we can give back, we are always happy to do it. After all, SANIsoft runs its business on open source products and believes in giving back to the open source communities – and – not just in the form of code. We strive to help such events by sponsoring them in whatever small way we can. We believe in putting our money where our mouth is :)

We have heard developers of Open Source Projects lament that SME´s shy away from supporting project needs by sponsoring. We feel by lending a hand in the form of sponsorship and even micro-sponsorships the small and medium sized companies can strengthen their own base and in turn the FOSS community. The inescapable reality is that the world is powered by money, not code.

When we decided to be a sponsor for CakeFest, a common refrain heard was ¨Argentina is half a world away and as a business what is the point of having your banner / logo there¨. Wait a min! people actually said that? Doesn’t really matter to us. The CakePHP framework has been a major player in many of the recent projects that SANIsoft has done – so – there it is QED

We wish the event and the organizers huge success