Ek Akela sher

تم آؤ خزاں کی سرد ہواؤں کی طرح
میں زرد پتوں کی طرح تم سے لپٹتی جاؤں
-سواتی ثانی ریشم

तुम आओ खिजाँ की सर्द हवाओं की तरह
मैं ज़र्द पत्तों की तरह तुम से लिपटती जाऊँ
– स्वाति सानी ‘रेशम’


Chhattisgarh tour – the story in black and white

  When we take active vacations together, we tend to push our limits, and we have more fun. We meet and connect with other adventure seekers, and at times make friends for life. Tarique and I have almost always taken active vacations (Yes, a wildlife  safari counts as an active vacation) It had been long, … Continue reading Chhattisgarh tour – the story in black and white

Ek sher

ااپنی کلم سے جزباتوں کو کاغز  پر اُکیر دیتی ہوں میں اکثر اپنی چیکھوں  کو صفحوں  میں ضبط کر لیتی ہوں – سواتی ثانی “ریشم अपनी कलम से जज़्बातों को काग़ज़ पर उकेर देती हूँ मैं अक्सर अपनी चीख़ों को सफ़हों में ज़ब्त कर लेती हूँ -स्वाति सानी “रेशम”  

एक ग़ज़ल – ایک غزل

ان لمہوں کو گزرے بھی اب ایک زمانہ بیت گیا آدھی ادھوری باتیں کر کے چلا وہ میرا میت گیا ساون کی بھیگی راتوں میں پیڈوں کی ٹھنڈی جھاؤں میں لفظوں میں باندھا تھا جس کو کہاں وہ میرا گیت گیا جمنا گنگا کے سنگم کی نیلی پیلی لہروں میں خط میں میرے گیت تمہارے … Continue reading एक ग़ज़ल – ایک غزل

दोस्त (دوست)

  कोई गर पूछे की कौन थी वो तुम सिर्फ़ अहिस्ता से मुस्कुरा देना कहना कुछ नहीं ज़रा सी बात है मिलना था तुमसे वक़्त बिताना था साथ कुछ बातें करनी थीं कुछ ख़ास नहीं यूँ तो कट जाते हैं मसरूफ़ियत में दिन मगर कुछ है जो अधूरा सा लगता है क्या तुम्हें भी? मिल … Continue reading दोस्त (دوست)

फिर से

गाँव की एक गली जो नदी की तरफ़ मुड़ती है वहीं रहता है वो चौराहे पे ताकता रहता है रहगुज़र शायद वो आएँ जो छोड़ कर चल दिए थे एक दिन अचानक पलट कर देखा तो था घर को मगर जब चल पड़े थे बंद कर सारे किवाड़ और खिड़कियाँ सोचता है वो शायद आएँ … Continue reading फिर से

How I became a Randonneur

Rewind November, 2015 After years of deliberating, I finally purchased a cycle. It was a Marin San Anselmo and was a good and comfortable bike, perfect for small distances. In any case, I did not plan to cycle beyond 25-30 km. That was till the bike came home. I was looking for training programs and … Continue reading How I became a Randonneur

Jahan gham bhee na hoN aasuN bhee na hoN bas pyar hi pyar pale

Aasim was a few months old and I use to sing to him so that he could sleep. Yes back then, I could sing. He would watch me sing with this toy in his hand, and with the gentle rocking of his swing, he would fall asleep. This was his favourite song back then. Aa … Continue reading Jahan gham bhee na hoN aasuN bhee na hoN bas pyar hi pyar pale

Mughal-e-Azam the play.

Saturday, 22nd October. I had specially flown to Bombay to spend the day with Urdu poet Janab Iftekhar Imam Siddiqui. I spent the day talking to him, listening to his kalaam and clicking a few photographs. Meeting his brothers Janab Noaman Siddiqui & Janab Hamid Iqbal Siddiqui, poet, and academician at Dinath building, in the office … Continue reading Mughal-e-Azam the play.

Another milestone reached. Aasim leaves for Drexel tonight

For all these years we have been preparing ourselves for this day. The day when Aasim will leave for the US for his undergraduate studies. He has secured an admission in Drexel University, Philadelphia, with a decent scholarship and will be attending the Close School of Entrepreneurship. He is flying to the US directly from Nagpur tonight, … Continue reading Another milestone reached. Aasim leaves for Drexel tonight


गौरी। कुछ ५ साल की थी जब उसकी माँ इलाहबाद की गर्मियों की चपेट में आ गयी और २ दिन में ही इस दुनिया से चली गयीं उम्र इतनी नहीं थी कि सब कुछ समझ पाती, मगर पापा थे, भैया थे, दादी थीं, तीनों बुआ थीं. खयाल रखने वाले काफ़ी लोग थे। ज़िन्दगी इतनी बुरी … Continue reading गौरी

The 200 km brevet that I failed to complete

Behind the scenes A Brevet or Randoneering is a long distance cycling event in which the cyclist attempts to complete a distance of 200 km or more, passing through predetermined and timed checkpoints, completing the entire distance in a given time. I started cycling after a break of 25 years in November and was happy doing small … Continue reading The 200 km brevet that I failed to complete

From a boy to a man. Aasim graduates from UWC Mahindra College

Two years back, in August 2014, we sent our boy, Aasim to a UWC. Two days back, on May 21, 2016, he completed his IB and graduated from MUWCI (United World College, Mahindra College, India). While we saw him changing during his time at MUWCI, and we had expected that he would, it was a pleasure … Continue reading From a boy to a man. Aasim graduates from UWC Mahindra College

I couldn’t have asked for more!

It’s been 22 years to our marriage. Over the years, we have had many adventures together. My wish today is for us to keep having fun all our lives after all,  YLOO – You live only once.  No, not YOLO. Right, Aasim? 😛 Thanks for the lovely gift of the Surly Long Haul Truker, I … Continue reading I couldn’t have asked for more!

Turning back

साल २०१५ अगर ठहरी फिर से ये नज़र तो देख लूँगी आँख भर फिर न जाने कब सितारे ज़मीं पर बिखरें अगर थमी कभी ये राह तो पूछूँगी उससे क्यों भागा करती है बेपरवाह क्या जल्दी है गुज़र जाने की अगर रुका कभी ये वक्त तो गुज़ारिश करूँगी ज़रा सा पलटने की कुछ लम्हे दोबारा … Continue reading Turning back