From a boy to a man. Aasim graduates from UWC Mahindra College

Two years back, in August 2014, we sent our boy, Aasim to a UWC. Two days back, on May 21, 2016, he completed his IB and graduated from MUWCI (United World College, Mahindra College, India).

Aasim at MUWCI August, 2014
Aasim at MUWCI: August 2014

While we saw him changing during his time at MUWCI, and we had expected that he would, it was a pleasure watching him interact with his peers and teachers as a grown up. We sent a boy to this school, and he returned to us as an educated man.  A man who aspires to make a difference to the world we live in,  a man who perhaps may.

Aasim graduates from MUWCI
Aasim graduates from MUWCI

As parents, we will always dote on him, and fuss about him because he will always be our little kid. But the world he is going to step into, he won’t be a kid, and as an adult, we feel reasonably sure that he is ready to face the challenges that life would throw at him.

The graduation ceremony was a beautifully and thoughtfully organised. The performances by the students moved us as did the speeches given at the occasion. Aasim was the first in line to get his certificate. Here’s a short video that I took.

Here’s Aasim with his friends Pulkit, and Saket. It seems only Pulkit (kind of) knows where the camera is 😀

Saket, Aasim and Pulkit
Saket, Aasim, and Pulkit


I couldn’t have asked for more!

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Turning back

साल २०१५ अगर ठहरी फिर से ये नज़र तो देख लूँगी आँख भर फिर न जाने कब सितारे ज़मीं पर बिखरें अगर थमी कभी ये राह तो पूछूँगी उससे क्यों भागा करती है बेपरवाह क्या जल्दी है गुज़र जाने की अगर रुका कभी ये वक्त तो गुज़ारिश करूँगी ज़रा सा पलटने की कुछ लम्हे दोबारा … Continue reading Turning back

Aasim is 18

It has been 18 years  – I look back and remember the day when the tiny bundle of joy had finally arrived. Since this wasn’t a child who cried too much I can’t say wailing, screaming bundle, but a bundle of joy nevertheless.  Although like most new borns, he did keep us awake at night … Continue reading Aasim is 18

Love and gravity

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ये करीने से उगाए हुये फूल पत्ते कतार में खड़े सलामी देते पेड़ और मेनिक्युअर्ड लॉन मुझे कब भाये कि तुम समझ बैठे कि तुम मुझे पसंद आओगे बोलो तो?

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