Buzz- the white eye buzzard

The Sunday seemed like any other till there was a loud call from outside “Aasim” “Aasim” – sounded strange hearing Raju’s (Raju Kasambe is avid bird watcher of the region) voice calling Aasim. Tarique peeped out and exclaimed “ A White Eye Buzzard!!” I thot they both spotted the White Eye Buzzard on the babul tree outside our garden so I laced myself with camera and started moving out when they all came right inside holding the White Eye buzzard. It must have been around 10 AM on Sunday 26th February 2006.

Raju had found the bird on the ground in open area around 5 kms from our place. The bird was lying down, its talons were folded totally unusable and taut -eyes alert but it was surely in the state of Partial Paralysis. The bird allowed itself to be examined with little resistance -there were some blood stains on the talon but no injury anywhere on its body so we inferred its the blood of its prey. While Raju called people, other birders in the region, vets I quickly searched the web -looking for causes for partial paralysis. Unfortunately there is very little information available on the net – and none whatsoever for the birds of this part of the world.
From the information I gathered following causes came forth