A woman I admire

Sushmita Sen.

She is vibrant and witty. She sings beautifully two songs that I love – Sacrifice (Elton John) and Aaj Jane ki zid na karo (Farida Khanum)

She lives life, makes mistakes, learns from them and moves forward. She comes across as an open and honest person -one who trusts her instincts and is not afraid of taking the road less travelled.

Sushmita Sen is one celebrity I would like to meet and talk to some day!

10 thoughts on “A woman I admire”

  1. I concur. She comes across as one of the most genuine celebrity. I especially adore her for the way she talks about her little daughter. The warmth is so real. =)

  2. yeah

    Cant say much about her acting cos i dont watch many movies.. but the lasting impression i have is an interview the day after she took the miss india crown. it was more of a groupie, with shatrughan sinha, some other model, and hosted by vir sanghvi. she was clear with her arguments, and did not hesitate to thumb down crap from others, with a slight smile.
    i was someout put out that she’d managed to beat aishwarya rai the previous night, but when i saw the int., i knew why. she’s strong.

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