Aasim is back

Aasim returned safe and joyous from his first solo trip, and is right now sleeping like an angel on his bed clutching his fav stuffed toy “The Rock” (“The Rock” is a stuffed frog named so because, in Aasim’s words, “he rocks!”)

He had fun in Delhi, took some pictures (he carried the Nikon 5700), had his first experience of a movie theater by watching “Revenge of the Sith”, enjoyed a picnic at India Gate, Went boating and bullied his uncles and grandparents into letting him watch Dhoom, Cartoon Network and drink lots of Pepsi. He was edgy on Monday due to tiredness and perhaps a mild heat stroke but sleep cured it.

We missed him terribly while he was away but this was a trip that made him more confident and a wee bit more independent. It was necessary for us to know that he is growing into a fine young man already- as parents we tend to protect and at times over protect our children and refusing to let go and let them grow.

2 thoughts on “Aasim is back”

  1. Heh! If he keeps growing up at this rate you will soon reach a day when you will not be able to blog about him because he is all grown up, on the internet, and embarassed by his parents blogging about him. 🙂

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