Another 10 minute wonder

Yesterday night was one of those days!!!

The cook did not turn up so I asked the boys at home as to what they wanted for dinner.

In unison I get a reply “anything will do” with “something nice” added as an afterthought.

Over the years I have learnt -when such a reply is heard, something non-veg will be eaten well, any veg dish on the table will be left untouched and two hours post dinner time I will hear whimpers of “I am hungry”!

Usually when I go to the kitchen I have absolutely no idea what will reach the dining table – I searched the fridge and found Mafco frozen chicken loafs. Went to the net, searched for quick chicken recipe and found Spicy Chicken Sauté on NDTV cooks site.

This recipe tastes good with Roti or Parathas.

I did make some modifications to the recipe – most important one being adding of freshly crushed pepper after the dish was cooked.

8 thoughts on “Another 10 minute wonder”

  1. I am nuts for pepper. You can flavor the pepper with tea, chicken, mutton, pasta with marinara, yogurt, fruits, gulab jamun or ice-cream. Yes, I am seriously fanatical about it.

    1. Thanks for commenting -I was planning to leave one on your journal – one hell of a thing you got going -Awaiting the Layan’s den

      I am sure veeru would put pepper in botal too 😉

  2. Looking good . Man you are just like my mom in terms of recipe hunting :D.
    Well I guess it extends to most women today. But she loves to spend hours hunting for some elusive recipe on the net.Then she’ll find three to four and mix bits of those ( which one can do I guess once one has experience :D).Right now the current ‘thing’ I like making is chappati’s .Its almost like a ritual in a way , my mom will roll them out and I’ll bake them, or vice versa along with the week’s conversation – since I’m mostly at home on the weekends.
    I think you can start a community for everyone’s culinary adventures :D.

    1. I hate making chapati’s. I use to make 30-40 every day when i was in college – ours was a joint family and mom insisted that I make atleast one meal.

      Today was a veg day at home – I told the boys to eat well and that I dont want to hear “I am hungry an hour later” and guess what happened just now. Aasim proclaimed -“I am hungry” I gave him a look and he says “its been over two hours – I did not say it an hour after dinner” and to top it Tarique joins in and says “I waited too -I am hungry as well” Now both of them are in the kitchen making a egg/salami sandwitch!!

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