Yum Pepper Prawns

Finally on Sunday I managed to make the deceptively simple and lip smacking yummy Hot Pepper Prawn recipe which Madhuhad posted here

The biggest problem for me was to get a bottle of Oyster Sauce. A few things I did which I will not do next time are

1) Not to use de-veined frozen prawns (already mentioned by Madhu, but I did not because fresh prawns are not always available in Nagpur if something like this has to be made in a hurry)

2) Make it a wee bit more hot

3) Make proper Veg fried rice as accompaniment – we had it with plain rice which was not bad except that we ended up eating just the peppery prawns.

The recipe does not mention putting a pinch of salt (or salt to taste) I realised while making and had put it but it wont strike those who do not cook on a regular basis (or are not women 😉

21 thoughts on “Yum Pepper Prawns”

  1. The photo looks yummy. Making my stomach growl early in the morning. It is quite common nowadays that recipes don’t specify adding salt. That is something cooks are supposed to do automatically according to your taste. One word of caution about the prawns… (You probably know this but) When you buy fresh prawn, make sure you devein it. Leaving the veins in can make you sick.

        1. Yes I know – I recommended those because I found them to be very un-animal tissue like in texture and the myriad of spices make it more so…

          OTOH – Prawns, Oysters, Squids, Octopuses in fact all invertebrates (eaten till date) I found to have a strong flavour and texture that takes getting used to. May be it is a cultural thang

  2. Swati, salt is not mentioned because the soy sauce and oyster sauce are both salty, but their saltiness can vary widely.

    If you use freshly cracked pepper, it *will* be peppery.

    I’m writing an article on fried rice to help you next time. 😉

  3. aaaah woman i hate you for doing this…
    good lord.. this is just not fair..
    i got none of those things listed there.. boohoo..
    i am sitting in this office of mine, just short of drooling..
    it looks so goddamn apetizing..
    the food out here is so goddamn bland .. i need to carry my own box of chilli powder ..
    i think i have to eat this stuff tonight… good lord i dont think i can sleep otherwise..

      1. well.. like khader pointed out .. just far would be an understatement…
        i live in florida ..
        well back in bangalore my house was like at a 2 min distance from your place..

  4. While I love to prawns and anything to do with prawns seeing pics of prawns totally psyche me out.I think it reminds me too much of the crawlies in fear factor .
    In any case I’m sure it was delicious 😀

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