Our ninth baby

Today morning another baby squirrel entered our lives – this is the ninth one that has come to us and the smallest we have ever raised. Uh-Uh our first one was the smallest till date but much bigger than this one.

The eyes are not yet open, hair are sparse I am wondering if it will be able to survive at all.

He however does not seem to be in a shock – drank milk lustily has relieved itself after milk feeds. Total three feeds till now. We are giving him (yes it is a him) scalded Buffalo milk with honey at slightly higher than human body temperature -feeding by a syringe and a cut infant feeding tube and observing very strict hygiene when handling him

Peacefully curled up in Tarique’s shirt pocket, he is hating being exposed to light and cold hands.

His shouts out of resentment against light and cold are much loud for his size.

Hope the fellow survives.

Aasim came back from school and named him FrostByte after one of his UT2004 characters – “Frostbyte is strong” he says.

First pictures here and here

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    1. We put some fruit tree twigs in the basket – when they start gnawing on them we start them with something crunchy – usually Monaco biscuit or Cheeslings (?!!) they are usually weaned off milk in about 4 weeks from starting solid feeds

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