Lj meme

🙂 Thanks for the questions.

I make the rules here!!

* Leave a comment, if you want more explanations to my answers. I might answer. You may also leave a comment saying you want to be interviewed.

* I may respond; I’ll ask you five questions.

* You’ll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.

* You may include this explanation.

* You are free to ask other people five questions if they want to be interviewed.

1. Can you describe yourself in one word?


2. If you could kill any one person in the world, who would it be? (You
HAVE to choose, so no sappy feel good answer will be accepted)

He who would attempt to kill or harm me or my son.

3. What do you prefer winning at all costs or playing an exciting game
even if you lose?

Winning at all costs – though the results do not please me every time.

4. Hot or cold?


5. Has there been any turning point which changed the course of your

Yes. The hang gliding camp.

12 thoughts on “Lj meme”

    1. Your Five Questions

      This was buried so deep in my priority list that i missed it 🙁 But hey, i did check the list completely today and here you go

      1) “kya bhoolon kya yaad karon” – whose autobiography? Did you finally read that book you wanted to read five months back?

      2) Gabbar singh ke baap ka naam kya tha?

      3) Will you propose or wait for him to propose?

      4) Roark or John Galt?

      5) Dagny or Domnique?

        1. Re: Your Five Questions

          Oye Veeru paji, bohut din hogaye ramgarh chode hue?

          Gabbar Singh vald Hari Singh

          Here’s another one specially for you

          Apart from Harisingh and Hariram nai which other “hari” is there in sholay? Apko to yeh yaad hona hi chahiye 😉

          1. Re: Your Five Questions

            Ramgarh chhod ke main Bhopal mein bas gaya. But on lj, keeps the memories of Ramgarh alive and well for me ;’-)

            Third Hari… hmm… Maybe Dhanno eating some Hari Hari Ghaas?

            1. Re: Your Five Questions

              Remember this?

              Aaj se bees saal pehle ki yeh baat hai.
              Miane un dino haripur gaon mein thha.
              Hamen khabar mili ki gabbar haripur gaon ko lootne aa raha hai……

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