Such is life

It is strange… tests show things inside me are normal, yet i dont feel normal I dont feel healthy.
In any case, since nothing major seems to be wrong with me, I have decided to give it a good fight. I intend to be back to my two and half hour excersise routine tomorrow onwards- Hopefully a rush of adrenalin will also take away my depression.
And then if nothing helps – well atleast i will have the satisfaction that I tried my best !!

I wonder how many women out there live with more than 50% symptoms listed here (without consulting a doctor)
checklist here Feedbacks anyone?

11 thoughts on “Such is life”

  1. oh yea, i’m there but I do take herbal treatments, but I don’t see a medical doctor all that often anymore. I’m bad I know.
    I really hope you feel better soon

    1. Thanks Kaja, For your thoughts and wishes 🙂
      I actually complained to Tarique and went to the endocrynologist beacuse of sore breasts and weight gain.. I guess all women are same -across the globe 😉

  2. Ahem!

    They are not normal, they better not be – shows you in such poor light, you mean to say you are just pretending !!!

    No sweetheart, just that right now we docs cannot figure it out and there is no obvious danger. Like I said we have now entered a speculative area… … and will manage you symptomatically keeping a close watch.

    Remember Shailesh is “wrote the book” category endocrinologist. Just that human especially feminine hormones are too damn complicated.

      1. Take a break!

        Maybe you just need a vacation.. a change in your routine & I’m sure you’ll hit back to life, all refreshed….. Or maybe you need another doc! 😛

    1. Did you read the symptoms – women go to a doc only if starts to interfere too much in their daily lives – most of the symptoms are what you see people complaining but not doing anything about it.
      You perhaps dont know it because you are too young 😉

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