Hindi titles to english movies- funny

Great News!!! The sleep just vanished when I discovered

Sholay at Rs.99/- on planet M – Sholay the “Kitne Aadmi thae?” movie

ALso Tom and Jerry for Rs.99/- Rush Rush, book your copy now!!

And a funny item on planetm “mera cheese kisne hataya?” Hindi translation of “Who moved my cheese” -people sure know how to make money you see movie posters like “futball shutball… …” for bend it like beckham and “hamshaklon ka hamla” for Attack of the clones- Go more towards MP and UP and you will find funnier things..

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  1. Spiderman!!!

    Yeah…. got news from Indore (my hometown) when spiderman was released. All my friends were yelling / hopping like mad when I told them that I saw the movie 3 times till now. Everytime free (thanx to Planet M’s free passes) 🙂

    Reason – Spiderman was released in indore with the name – “Makadi ka bachcha”.


  2. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! Why O Why?? *ugh*, *ugh*, *ugh*

    But arguably the worst, still, was “Ek bandar hotel ke andar” for “Dunston checks in”. I seem to remember coming across a page that listed some particularly bad Thai/Japanese translations as well, long back…

    1. (Jurassic Park) Lost World: I saw a Hindi trailer on TV that went:

      Goldblum (Malcolm) looks out of the window of the trailer with the baby T-rex, sees the mother T-Rex outside , turns around and declares,

      “Dekho, Dekho! Uski mama aa gayi!”

    2. Talking of Thai, here’s what a clients secretary once wrote to me:

      I do not like to waste you time to slow down the payment.

      Please apologize if this is causing you headache.

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