One day I will show you, mom!!

Whoa!! what a day!!! and I thought today I will be able to rest a while in the day…

I told Aasim, “you got to skate a little faster, Son” and he replies, “One day I will show you mom” – I like the attitude, quite like mine 😉

Visit to CA in the morning was fruitful. ULIP money has still not come in. Unit Trust of India is not to be trusted… .. every investor I have spoken to is skeptical about this company and every investor had bought a few of Unit 64’s. This is what keeps me from investing in long term LIC plans for aasim as well Who knows what will happen 20 years from now…

One thought on “One day I will show you, mom!!”

  1. Have you seen their ads on tv.Something on the lines of old is gold …and every company has problems at some time ..but this company is from the old days so trust them….given in the form of advice from parent to young adults…;)..con ..con artists.

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