movie I definetly want to watch. I read Saratbabu’s Devdas when I was a teenager
– read a hindi translation of the novel and  wished I could read bengali.

I am an ardent fan of Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai so watching these
two perform on the script which moved me immensely as a teenager would be
a definite treat!!
The only hitch is I havent been to a movie theater
in past 8 years and I wonder if I can sit at one place for three hours and
come out without a headache

2 thoughts on “Devdas”

  1. Watching hIndi movies …………

    and without a headache ? That would be interesting 🙂

    Hindi Movies and headache seem to go together …at least for me 😉

    Or I have *always* been suckered into watching *such* hindi movies.

    Anyway, I think the last hindi movie I saw which was good and also entertaining was “DCH – Dil Chahta Hai”.

    1. Re: Watching Hindi Movies

      I dont get headaches watching good hindi movies on TV – bad ones (bollywood/hollywood) I cant stand, I get headaches because of high volume and poor quality of sound systems

      DCH was indeed good. Saw it on VCD – Last movie I saw in theater eight years back was Schindlers’ List which was absolutely fabulous.

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