May 11.

May 11, 1994.
12 years.
12 in a dozen. 12 months in an year. 12 hours day, 12 hours night. 12 inches in a foot. 12 signs of Zodiac. 12 cranial nerves. 12 pair of ribs in human body. 12 tribes of Israel (old testament). 12 apostles of Jesus (new testament). 12 Function keys on my keyboard.
Its the silk anniversary.

22 thoughts on “May 11.”

  1. Don’t know you personally but…

    …I’ve been getting to hear about you and Tarique from several people, like Amogh and Kalyan….and been exchanging a few words with Tarique..

    Just wanted to wish you both the very best…we complete THIRTY years next month…it’s nice to be together with that special, interesting, and maddening person!

    Happy Anniversary, and hope to meet you on your next trip to Bangalore! I’d like to see a pic of the little one too…

      1. Re: Don’t know you personally but…

        thank you for the pictures Swati! What does Aasim mean? is his b’day Nov 6 or 7? I am asking because my daughter’s b’day is Nov 2! she is also a scorpio by the Hindu horoscope, which makes her the most adamant, unyielding sure-of-what-she-wants on earth…is Aasim also like that? Obviously, he likes Winnie the Pooh…

        And now I realize that the gorgeous userpic is YOU! (my userpic is of my daughter, usually.)

        How was your Mumbai trip?

        1. Re: Don’t know you personally but…

          Aasim has several meanings – man of rank, silver, blessing to list a few. We chose his name Aasim for the meaning “blessing”. I concieved after a lot of difficulties and his presence in our lives is a blessing to us.

          Born on Nov 5, 1997 Aasim indeed is quiet sure of what he wants. He has a natural charm and girls (even his teachers) are not left untouched by his charm many times much to our dismay he manages to get away with the most atrocious things with his teachers. Some of Aasim’s childhood pics you can see here

          Our Mumbai trip was great. We had a good time at Barcamp and birding (Our lifer -flamingos thousands of them )

  2. Belated congratulations, Swati and Doc.


    ps – I’ll be coming to nagpur for a day or two in mid june, for a relative’s engagement. Let’s meet up if possible.

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