Gaim – Yahoo problems

Was wondering since morning as to what happened when I came across this

// Yahoo on Wednesday began blocking Cerulean Studios’ Trillian software from communicating with its instant messaging service in its latest step to fence its popular client from third-party integrators.//

Well, people like me go back to YM official client till gaim recovers.

Unable to use YM either just upgraded to 1.0.6 – it just does not connect 🙁

7 thoughts on “Gaim – Yahoo problems”

      1. Heh – google thrives on using open standards and protocols. When they bring out gmessenger, the open source world will happily support them by showing their non-intrusive, text-based ads, which is google’s extremely functional business model.

        No business model based on exclusion and non-cooperation has ever made it in the long run.

            1. I don’t think Google should enter the already crowded segment of IM. Unless they address/resolve the inter-operability issues between different IM networks.

              Its like having too many Cell operators but they wont let you place a call to a different network.

              When was the last time your friend asked you “Whats your ID on rediff messenger?” ;/

              1. I totally disagree – I, in fact, think that google *should* enter the IM market. They ar ethe only ones who can bring sanity back in this game.

                And as Jeremy pointed out (and as we already know from other sources), they should/will use Jabber as their base – google is an open-standards company, so that makes sense.

                I think in a year or two, it wont be “what’s your MSN or Yahoo IM ID” but “what’s your online ID?” – which will give you everything a person needs to know to contact you – IM, email, VoIP, or whatever.

                Something like what MS tried with hailstorm and passport, but in a much more credible and open fashion.

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