main swati tum chatak

I wrote this sometime in 1986

All of 18, I was envisioning a future – a dream that I wanted to live.

A dream that came true for me


मैं ज्योति, तुम उजियारा
मैं नभ प्रतीक, तुम सूरज हो
मैं सौरभ, तुम हो सुवास
मैं हूँ प्रार्थना, तुम बने शिवि
मैं प्रकृित निश्चछल, तुम उज्जवल मानव
मैं पूर्ण, तुम हो संपूर्ण
मैं सरिता कलकल, तुम सागर सम
बहती बहती पवन हूँ मैं, तुम मंद हवा का झोंका हो
मैं गति, तुम हो ठहराव
मैं हूँ नभ, तुम ब्रम्हांड हो
मैं प्रेरणा, तुम कल्पना
मैं बूंद बनी प्यासे तुम
मैं स्वाति, तुम चातक


31 thoughts on “main swati tum chatak”

        1. Chatak is a bird AKA Papiha AKA the common hawk cuckoo, the call of this bird in hindi is transcribed as ‘pee-kahan pee-kahan’. Legend has it that the bird drinks only when the swati nakshatra (constellation) rises during sawan, the monsoon season.

          Tharav means stillness, stability.

  1. am already in office as usual.. was reading your lines and spilt coffee all over myself.. now you owe me a new dress :-))
    just kidding..
    sorry didnt see it yesterday … was stuck in office meetings all day…
    god bless you and have a lovely life…

          1. paise do .. ham zaroor ayenge..
            hum gareeb log hain mayee
            btw i too fell in love with Bheegey Hont from murder… i listen to it everyday .. hehehe

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Yes, I know Tum Mujhmein..

      Meri panktiyan Mahadevi ji jaisi gehrai bayan kar hee nahi sakti .. she is a class in herself. My favourite one from her still remains “Mein neer bhari dukh ki badri”

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