She a window flower and he a winter breeze… …

She was a charming girl, always smiling, always had something nice to say, she was my best friend.

I love him dad, he has asked me to marry… …. On her brief visit home she spoke to her father about the boy who she was friends with in the town she studied. She was inclined towards the proposal, the boy had always made her feel special, he made her feel like a woman he deeply cared for her . Her father was not sure of her choice, the boy belonged to a different community, different religion, a background totally different from theirs. Somewhere in her heart she too had the same fears but the fears were far less and took a back seat in comparison to the happiness she was seeing ahead.

Her dad finally agreed to meet the boy and told the boy very confidently, I know my daughter. He said to the daughter , its your decision, its your life you have to take the step forward if you want to marry him and bear all responsibilities of the action.

It was a good meeting, the boy was happy, the girl went back to her hometown back promising to return in a month.

Weeks passed, I saw him every day, we would sit and talk for hours about life about her about the lives they will live, it wasn’t easy for him to talk to his own dad about the marriage, but he had done that, he was ecstatic.

The month passed away, she did not come, her letters came periodically but they were non committal she was now between yes and no.

31st December 1990 was the cut off date if she did not come by then or at least give a firm commitment, he had said he will forget her… the wait was getting to be too much.

She did not come, a letter arrived saying it is best that they do not marry each other she further said that her father stands by his words that she can marry if she wants to, but it is her decision and that she has decided not to get married to him.

He was heartbroken. he woke up sad everyday, mornings are the toughest, he once told me.

Days went by, the boy missed her he felt he did not deserve this. All he had given was love, all his love and all he wanted in return was love, just love. Its so unfair to be left alone like this.

Years passed, she married the boy who was her father’s junior in office.

14 years is a long time I remember it all as if it happened only yesterday.

Most of all I remember the meeting her father had with the boy I was not there but I know what transpired in great details.

Had her father insisted and resisted his daughter marrying the boy, I am sure she would have put up a fight did everything she could to marry him. They would have been together if there was an opposition from her family.

Things changed when she was allowed to take her own decision and bear the consequences.

What happened to him after she left him is another story.

24 thoughts on “She a window flower and he a winter breeze… …”

  1. The title of the post is from a Poem by Robert Frost – The last stanza of that poem is

    But the flower leaned aside
    And thought of naught to say,
    And morning found the breeze
    A hundred miles away.

    So once again – think

    1. Hmmm.. I’m getting confused here now.. 🙂 First impression I had was that this was your love story.. then I realised it might not have been that because it was written in third person, with instances of first person liberally thrown in.. 🙂

      but I think I now understand it… real lovely story ! 🙂 and it’s about you ofcourse..

  2. Love is one of the greatest gifts of god.. Congrats Tarique and Swati for getting this great gift.. 🙂

    I’m still waiting for my gift from god ! 😉

      1. well atleast it wont be without the want of a try.. 🙂

        did propose to a very nice friend of mine, whom i really wished to make my life partner, after 3 years of knowing her.. but she said she didnt reciprocate the feelings and let’s just remain friends.. 🙁 the fact that i was shy and didnt always tell her abt my feelings before, would have created the situation too..

        well anyway, not the one to be disappointed, i’m getting on with life ! and looking towards the horizon for the next sunrise ! 🙂

        1. he fact that i was shy and didnt always tell her abt my feelings before, would have created the situation too..

          oh no! have you read Taarique HOW-TO on love? Which he wrote shortly after LB2002.

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