Simply poetic!!!

Chandni se dhuli si raat mein
ek khushbu se hai har baat mein

hain sitare mere kadmo ke tale
haath hai aaj unke haath mein

paas aake bhee kyon hain doorian
koi pyasa hai kyon barsaat mein

dil ki naadanion se tang hoon
baat sunta nahi jazbaat mein

ishq aur ye zamane ki bandishe
dakhiye kya ho in haalat mein

The poetry is breathtaking, the voice enchanting I wish I could pen my thoughts down is similar manner I feel so inadequate in expressing myself when I read such pieces of poetry.

Bought “Shairana” an album with poetry of Javed Akhtar sung by various singer and Chandni si is the first song.

3 thoughts on “Simply poetic!!!”

    1. its a romantic verse:

      In a night bathed with moonlight, our words are fragrant
      Stars beneath our feet, we walk hand in hand
      We are together yet far apart, why is someone so thirsty in rain
      I am tired of my innocently foolish heart, it doesnt listen when drenched in emotions
      Our love and this prohibitary world, lets see what happens

      Translating it is killing it actually 🙁

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