Pain in the neck!!

Slept on one side, and woke up with a stiff neck in the middle of the night.

Came back from Linux-Bangalore/2003 earlier this week only to find loads of bills, emails, bank statements waiting for me….

And yes, we did not visit Talakadu Jaladhama – may be next time.

Aasim will be participating in Christamas School play and I have ended up helping out his teacher in writing script, choosing costumes, and even taking practices – School wanted it to be parent-teacher joint excersise and it seems I am the only enthusiastic parent around – but no regrets -I enjoy working with children. Infact me thinks I will take up teaching post retiremtent.

In another news, I intend to *finally* shift to FC1 this weekend. Hoping and praying things go ok and my machine is up and about on Monday. Sitting and staring at monitor screen is necessary for my survival.

3 thoughts on “Pain in the neck!!”

  1. I dont think you will ever *retire*. Heh. You may choose to stop working tech / biz and choose teaching. But retire, never. Attitude ka savaal hai.. 🙂

    Aside: I’ve heard ymessenger-1.0.4 is flaky on fedora…. (re: kallu)

    1. If YM is flaky on Fedora, I wil use gaim (that is if gaim works well)
      your loss 😉

      But will definetly try it before giving up.

      If most of my programs dont work on fedora, I will dump fedora itself and choose RH 9

      Waiting to recieve a copy of Dashboard from Nat,the features it promises look good to me.

      1. Gaim 0.74 is out , and its really cool.I presume thats what ships with FC 1.Its really cool.

        Dashboard … Hmm .. That would be a while from now.It still needs to be packaged properly , (for which I might take the responsiblity).You will also need mono and gtk# to be installed.But trust be dashboard is superb,awsome.If you are willing to try some makefile hacking jugglery , I suggest you pull it down from CVS and start using it.I use dashboard and have been quite amazed.

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